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Carlos Puig Padilla visits Schiaparelli in Paris

Riding in Paris

VIEW GLAMOUR TV My second program for Glamour TV ( http://www.glamour.es ) in Spain. This time I am visiting the private apartment of Elsa Schiaparelli in Paris with Farida Khelfa, the image for the Couture house just bought by Diego della Valle. A walk through the rooms, her archives, her furniture and her universe in Place Vendome, […]

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The Fashion Week Restaurants in Paris

Image from Glamour TV 1

VIEW GLAMOUR TV My first steps on television,this is my primetime on TV. Glamour magazine is one of the most sold magazines in Spain. Condé Nast arrives on Spain national TV in october 6th with a new Fashion magazine through the direction of the well known journalist Ana García-Siñeriz and host by beautiful Alba Carrillo. […]

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Fashion life Fashion week Fashion fun Fashion night

Eric Yerno & myself

Pictures taken during the Fashion week in Paris. Models, journalists, music and drinks. Nighlife of fashion

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Carlos Puig Padilla


Founder of a shoe collection named Carlos Puig Padilla as well as a fashion journalist, fashion consultant, amateur photographer…

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Getting ready with my pictures

Junior in Rio

Since I am 8, I am traveling with a camera. My passion. In my tumblr site, I will post all the pictures I’ve been taking all over the world this last years.

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The Vampire Ball


It’s been almost a year since Carine Roitfeld stopped being Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Paris. One of the most powerful tastemakers in the industry, she still maintains status, although without a magazine in which to directly package her views. However she won´t stop dancing, with plenty to celebrate… I was at her book launch (Irreverent, Rizzoli, […]

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