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Carlos Puig Padilla

Founder of a shoe collection named Carlos Puig Padilla as well as a fashion journalist, fashion consultant, amateur photographer.

I would like to introduce you to my professional and personal background .

These past years I have gained a significant experience as a designer, photography stylist, teacher and journalist, allowing to develop my adaptability, discover different ways to work, witness the evolution of lifestyle and fashion trends, and increase my knowledge in France and abroad.

Today, in order to share my experience in the fashion area, I wish to turn my field of activity towards a position of exterior consultancy using my skills in design, art direction and communication areas .

My expertise and know-how in luxury could be particularly useful to fashion companies, but also to firms looking to expand their business, whether by launching or repositioning a product or a brand.

Born in Spain, I have been envolved and work in an international environment since an early age. I have very often been working abroad and now speak fluently Spanish, Catalan, French as well as English and Italian .

In order to give you a greater idea of my capabilities, you will find hereafter a presentation of myself and my skills on this website, day by day .

Yours sincerely.



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