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Serge Cajfinger, Carlos Puig Padilla and Paule Ka


Serge Cajfinger was born in France and spent his childhood in Brazil. At the end of the sixties return to France and at the age of 19, he opens with his mother and his aunt Paule a multi-brand store in Lille. At the end of the eighties creates in Paris the Paule Ka brand, “ very inspired by Jacky Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn ”. The brand’s style is geometric and sober with some lasting characteristics such as black dresses and the use of bows.

I have the chance to know Serge since longtime. He is a wonderful & stylish man, with a big sense of humour. This time I visit him on his beautiful apartment  in Paris and we discover together his 350 m² flagship store in the parisian rue Saint Honoré.  We talk photography, fashion and style.

Kate Middleton, Leonor Watling or Jennifer Lopez are some of her customers . This part is one of my favourites  for Glamour TV.



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