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Carlos Puig Padilla for AFCBMO


I met Michael Oats thanks to my Instagram. He is a young photographer and Editor of “A fanzine created by Michael Oats” and the online version “AFCBMO”. I shot for him on the Carine Roitfeld party in Paris. He is 24 and he’s been taking photos and loving magazines since he was a child and in 2009, tired of depending on other people to publish his work he decided to start his own fanzine where he can publish his photos and the work of all the artists that he admires. I am proud of this first collaboration with him and happy to know him thanks to the social networks of the net .

Otherwise, His new  issue ( a must see )  is “Le Smoking”, the iconic Helmut Newton photograph shot in the 70s for French Vogue where Vibeke wears the legendary tuxedo designed by Yves Saint Laurent while she smokes a cigarette. The 16 artists collaborating in his new issue are: Luis Venegas, Daniel Riera, Gorka Postigo, Slava Mogutin, Brad Elterman, Éric Gallais, Prain Lorena, Marcela Gutierrez Miguel Villalobos, Albert Madaula, Antonio Barros, Chris Vidal Tenomaa, Diana Roman, Jacobo Labella, Crawford and Lucio Chiné.



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